Detox. De-stress. Rejuvenate

A principle of natural medicine where good health is achieved through wholesome diet, pure water, healthy environment, herbal medicine and the highest quality of natural supplements.

A gentle, but effective water therapy, dating back hundreds of years, which gently infuses water into the colon to stimulate the release of toxins and retrain a sluggish colon.



Meet our team – Jillian Merz, Fleur Heaton and Danielle Plowman:

Inside Health


At Inside Health, our team of health professionals is dedicated to offering you the best in natural healthcare. Based in Milford, on Auckland’s beautiful North Shore, we can support you to improve and maintain your optimal health. By letting go of that which no longer serves you, we will help to reveal the ageless beauty of health within – your inside health.


Quote of the week – “It is the diet that maintains true health and becomes the best drug” Ancient Chinese saying