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What is Naturopathy?

Natural medicine is simply healthcare based on honouring and respecting the body and mind and encouraging good health through fresh air, exercise, sunshine, wholesome diet, pure water, healthy environment, rest and emotional balance.

There is no doubt that the Naturopathic principles are a sound prescription for creating health. Research confirms the importance of diet and lifestyle to our general health and many studies are now relating specific foods and lifestyle practices to specific diseases.

At Inside Health our staff are Natural Health Professionals including a Naturopath and  Medical Herbalist.  We will offer advice on diet and lifestyle, prescribe herbal tonics or natural supplementation and possibly recommend other therapies that may be helpful to your recovery, either within our practice or elsewhere.

We understand what you are going through and simply act as an educator or guide to support your journey towards optimal health. The Naturopathic approach requires a high level of commitment by you to achieve better health and we understand that this can be a challenge as our busy lifestyles can interrupt the process sometimes. Best results are obtained by working together over a period of time. So, with regular contact and appointments to monitor progress, we really get to understand what is happening with you.

What happens in a Naturopathic Consultation?

Medical HerbalistWhen you arrive at Inside Health, we ask you to fill out a health questionnaire, which will give us a general idea of what is going on for you. You do not have to disclose anything that you are uncomfortable to do so, but the more you do tell us, the more likely we are to get your health on the right track.

Once our assessment is made, we will discuss with you how to manage elements of your diet and lifestyle, which may not be working for you at present. Suggestions will be made about nutritional supplementation or herbal medicine, as well as possible recommendations for other therapies that may be indicated.

Supporting your emotional health is just as important to us as supporting your physical health and so recommendations are always tailored for each individual.