The benefits of colonics whilst fasting are well documented and I chose to have one before, during and after my 5-day fast.  What a great result – I feel really energized and balanced and my head is no longer fuzzy!

What I love about Inside Health, what really differentiates them, is the care and the guidance given by the qualified Naturopaths who overseas the treatment.  It was a great process to undergo and one I will do again.  Thanks

Lisa, Muriwai

I came to the health clinic in Milford for a few reasons.  First, I was curious to try and see what this therapy would do for me.  I heard many good stories about it from my friends in Auckland and my mum, who is a retired doctor and lives in Sydney, Australia.  My second reason was to get my tummy flatter – well, to loose a few kilos.  My third reason was to do this fashionable healthy thing called ‘detox’ and see what it is about.

I came to the clinic and had a chat with the therapist who is lovely and a very knowledgeable natural therapist.  She told me more about colonics and the benefits I could get from doing a few sessions on a suggested schedule.  I was happy to take the offer of the five session, prepaid package which also gave me a complimentary Vibrosaun.  That was a great deal.  The first session was much easier than I expected – no pain, no cramps and the therapist was looking after me for the duration of the session answering all my questions.

Did I achieve my goals? Absolutely!  After 3 sessions, my scales showed 4kg less.  My massage therapist also noticed that my tummy became much flatter.  I loved what I heard!  That was when I realized how much waste I was just simply carrying in me for no reason.  As a side effect, I started sleeping better, forgot about my headaches and water retention (swelling on my hands and feet).  I am not constipated anymore – even when I eat rice.  My digestion is definitely working better now.  No more tummy aches, noises or gas, even when I skip a meal.  I also eat less!  For some unknown reason I’m just not that hungry.  I am still discovering the effects, but even the short list above proved that colonic therapy simply improved the way I look and the way I feel.  I am very happy too and therefore the quality of my life is better.

Alex, Birkenhead

I included colonic hydrotherapy and a vibrosaun session as part of my preconception care detox.  The staff  were exceptional in the care they took to explain the procedure and ensure that it was a comfortable and pleasant experience for me.  The clinic itself has an inviting, friendly, clean and calming atmosphere.

The results exceeded my expectations – experiencing the colonic hydrotherapy and the vibrosaun together on the same day, meant I felt not only cleansed and refreshed, but also lighter and uplifted.  Being able to control the heat and vibration of the vibrosaun as well as choose the essential oils, made it very much my experience to indulge in.

I was an advocate of colonics prior to this experience, now I am even more convinced of its benefits to health.

Inside Health are pioneers in their approach to integrative medicine.  They combine science and nature in a truly holistic manner, whilst showing sincere commitment and compassion towards the people they guide back to health and wellbeing.  Thank you.

K Mees, Rodney District

I watched a TV documentary on parasites in the colon and how they can travel through the bloodstream to any part of the body, thus causing incredible pain and possible death.  I couldn’t get to the colonic clinic fast enough the next day because previously I had suffered from parasites from rat’s urine, in my kidneys.

My first impression was the clean, serene atmosphere, and very high standard of hygienic procedures they used.  Over the duration of my colonics I learnt from the very pleasant and highly qualified and trained naturopaths, that colonic hydrotherapy not only chips away gently at a lifetime of debris which can sit in pockets of the bowel, but also supports the body to detoxify.  The added bonus, I mentally and emotionally made positive changes as well.  After my initial four weekly colonics, I first noticed the change.  My bloating and dryness had gone, and I wasn’t blowing my nose as much and my breathing was better.

At that time the clinic introduced me to a complimentary vibrosaun (the easy way to exercise), to cleanse and tone the body.  Personally, I have now had 15 weekly sessions each of vibrosaun and colonic.  My tendon problems in the Achilles, shoulder, and hip bursitis have repaired themselves due to the vibrosaun and I now enjoy better sleep with no pain.  This I think is amazing.  I have reduced 5cm in my body measurements, and dropped 5 kilos (of ‘baggage”), mentally, emotionally and physically, and probably look five years younger.

If you are wanting more out of life, and serious, or curious in your inner health – go to INSIDE HEALTH for your treatments.

Rochas, Auckland

My reason for seeking this therapy was I was feeling bloated and generally sluggish.  My experience with staff was always professional, pleasant and patient.  The results from this treatment are I have more energy, no more lower back pain, my skin has improved and my eyes are clearer.  I have been a customer for a year now and will recommend people to come and enjoy the experience and health benefits.  With much appreciation.

U February, Auckland

I am not new to colonics, enemas and actively attempting to take care of myself, from the inside out.  However, this was the first time that I experienced deep peace, relaxation and comfort while cleansing myself in this way.

I learned a lot about myself today, particularly about my holding and releasing patterns.  I considered myself someone who knew themselves quite well and I realised today that what I tell myself and others about me, when it comes to letting go and surrendering to the ‘flow’ of life, is not necessarily true.  I find this of particular interest since I discovered this while having a colonic hydrotherapeutic cleanse.  My revelations about myself today are not all exclusive to my bowel function or gastrointestinal system, but reflect quite clearly for me much about how I live my life.  I can see now the constant struggle in my life to ‘keep it all together’ and stay in control.  I can see now very clearly the impact this has on my health, and it’s cancerous.

Maybe for the first time in my life I truly experienced letting go and trusting myself fully.  It took me almost the full duration of the session to fully relax and surrender to the process.  I was actually amazed at how relaxing and nourishing colonic hydrotherapy could be.  In that space of surrender I experienced peace, serenity, and an incredible sense of freedom.  I experienced an emotional, and spiritual cleanse as well as a physical one.

I knew that this experience would be a great opportunity to heal but I did not expect it to be this growthful as well.  I look forward to continuing this journey and learning more about myself from the inside out.

Finn, Auckland

‘Inside Health’ gives a professional, safe and friendly service. Whether discussing our health or having something as personal as a colonic we need to be with people that we are comfortable with and that we can trust. I warmly recommend Inside Health to family friends and clients. It is a low-key but comprehensive approach that can have a special place with those issues that have not responded well to conventional treatment. Because there are few side effects to the approach, it is especially useful for those of us with a more sensitive constitution.

John Groom is a coaching psychologist who specialises in working with busy business people seeking a more satisfying lifestyle balance.

I had recently undergone a bowel prep with “Fleet”, prior to having a colonoscopy.  I found the preparation to be an unpleasant experience needing to stay very near the loo for 12 hours.  The resulting ‘empty bowel’ feeling was pleasant however, so I decided to look for another method.  Having tried colonic hydrotherapy at Inside Health, I found the experience to be very pleasant and actually enjoyable.  The staff looked after me with empathy and care.  I will now have no problem recommending this to my patients as pre-operative preparation or just to ‘feel good from the inside out’.

Dr Chris Heron

P.S. I have since found out a number of my friends have been having colonic hydrotherapy without telling me – we all agree it is very relaxing.